Hanmere food grade polythene

In order to safely process food, polythene is a necessity. To comply with the Food Standards Agency regulations, food processors must wrap and package their food in food grade materials to help prevent product contamination. In processing, this requires food grade polythene tray and dolav liners that protect at every stage of the production process. Hanmere Polythene understands the need for strict control and regulations surrounding the food processing industry, and endeavours to provide a cost-effective solution.

Our polythene manufacturing plant is equipped with a wide range of extrusion equipment, to enable us to offer an unrivalled level of quality, customisation, and capability. As a full control manufacturer, we can offer tray & dolav liners, sacks, polythene sheeting and any other food processing plastics that you need, at the thicknesses and sizes that you need. We are also able to customise polythene colour and printing, to work with the product traceability processes that you have.

Hanmere can offer a wide range of options for many types of food processing. This includes freezer safe high clarity polyethene’s that remain strong when frozen, produce bags in a variety of weight capacities, as well as liners, covers and food grade polythene bags, available in both tear off on roll and boxed formats.

Tray & Dolav Liner with carrots in

Benefits of Hanmere Food Processing Polythene

  • Certified to BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6, AA+ Grade

  • Compliant with European Food Packaging Regulations

  • M&S Approved

  • Environmentally conscious, fully recyclable range

  • Proprietary materials designed for the food industry

  • Options from standard blue tint tray liners to bespoke solution

By working with Hanmere on a food processing polythene solution, our team will be able to help save costs and cut down on waste. We do this by analysing your current usage and suggesting options to adjust the specification of the polythene you are using, and the amounts that you need. The result is a more environmentally conscious and cost-effective polythene usage for your company.

With more than 50 years of experience within the polythene manufacturing industry, Hanmere are uniquely positioned to deliver a solution based on their knowledge of the food industry which will apply an environmentally aware solution to ensure efficient use of polythene within your business.

Polythene Products for Food Processing

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