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Easy Tear HanKraft Sack

The easy tear sack is a simplistic solution for decanting food ingredients without having to use knives in the food production area. We have not over engineered our food packaging plastic by adding any unnecessary polythene/adhesive.  The additional benefits are a reduction in both costs and plastic usage if you are currently using a knife free product.

The easy tear perforation will hold its integrity from the packer to the end use and our unique HanKraft paperfeel material has excellent stacking properties whilst in transit. HanKraft or Tri-Ex are both 100% recyclable.

Easy Tear & Pour HanKraft Sack

  • The perforation is partially set across the bag width. This perforation is 100mm below the full bag opening.
  • Once the perforation is opened, without the need for a knife, the full opening gives a speedy decant.

Easy Tear HanKraft Sacks – Benefits

  • 100% Recyclable
  • No Knives required for opening when decanting
  • Less plastic and cost from over engineered food packaging plastic alternatives
  • High slip inner for easy pouring of contents.
  • Paper feel enables a very low slip outer so that bags stack similar to paper sacks when palletised.
  • Available in a range of sizes and printed up to six colours
blue EasyTear sack


Specialist sack with polystyrene product

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