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Food Processing

Hanmere Polythene specialises in products for the food manufacturing industry. As a result, we understand the strict requirements for a safe facility. We maintain rigorous controls based on our certifications from the BRCGS and M&S, as well as meeting the requirements from the European Food Packaging Regulations. Our production facility is able to supply food industry polythenes for every step of your production process. This includes strong, cost-effective tray liners for fresh product, or polythene bags and sacks for the process line. With a variety of polymer blends, we’re able to provide a range of barrier characteristics and strengths to suit your requirements.

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Food Ingredients

For the processing of Food Ingredients, you need a polymer that is strong and reliable to prevent any odour or taint. Our proprietary products, such as the Tri-Ex polythene, are made to preserve flavours and protect the ingredients from outside contamination. We can offer bespoke thicknesses, sizes and colours to suit your production processes, manufactured to the high standard necessary to comply with BRCGS certification whilst meeting M&S and European food contact regulations. We’re focused on efficiency and performance, helping our customers to use their plastics more effectively to choose the most environmentally sensible and cost-effective solutions whilst never compromising on safety and quality.

Animal Feed in tray with liner

Animal Feed & Supplements

For our customers in Animal Feed, we understand the importance of balancing size with strength. Without any loss in quality, Hanmere Polythene creates large size sacks that are suitable for both automatic and manual filling lines. Our materials are able to withstand heavy loads, maintaining the standards of a food-grade polymer alongside the need for a tough product. Hankraft, one of our core products, is a stronger replacement for the paper sacks that are often used for animal feed, providing a non-slip, puncture resistant material that is light and stackable. For customers who are looking for a more bespoke polythene, we are able to provide alternative blends, bespoke colours, and in-house printing options. 

Animal Feed in plastic packaging


Hanmere’s strong, tear-resistant sacks are heavy-duty enough to safely carry aggregate materials such as shingle, sand, cement or decorative stone. Specially designed to withstand heavy loads without stretching or puncturing, Hanmere are able to supply polythene sacks for aggregates in a range of colours, sizes and thicknesses. Our in-house printing services can supply products with the logos and warnings you need, with clear or coloured films when required. Our state-of-the-art facility in Letchworth is able to adapt the polymer blends we use to ensure that our clients have polymer sacks that can provide the properties they need, whether that is extra-strength or UV-protection.

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Hanmere’s experience in the food manufacturing industry makes us the perfect choice for the pharmaceutical industry. With the same high standards required from our BRCGS certification, we are able to provide transit packaging and liners that protect your goods from contamination risks during their packing, storage and transportation. We take hygiene and cross-contamination risks very seriously, and maintain stringent regulations to prevent this in our facility. Hanmere has produced polythene liners for asthma inhalers and parts for saline drips amongst other bespoke medical device applications. We are able to produce the colours, weights, thicknesses and durabilities that you need, always with the Hanmere high standards.

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For commercial launderers or retailers, it’s important to know that the clothing that you’ve worked on is protected from dust and dirt in transit. For laundry services that work in healthcare, it’s even more important to maintain a hygienic environment. With the polythene garment covers and bags offered by Hanmere, you are able to protect clothing, scrubs, and linens using recyclable and durable materials. Our in-house printing facilities ensure that the polythenes you use have your company logos, colours, and vital information clearly visible. Our laundry polythenes balance our understanding of hygiene with a focus on high-performance, lightweight materials.

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Furniture & Bedding

Good quality polythenes are vital for the Furniture and Bedding industries. Not only are they needed for protection during the foam production process, but they also ensure that your products arrive at your customer’s home in the condition you expect. Using strong, lightweight polythenes in a range of sizes, Hanmere can protect your mattresses and soft furnishings from stains, smells and soiling as they travel to a showroom or customer. With our in-house capabilities, we can engineer the perfect barrier characteristics and strength for your process. With in-house printing, your films and bags can display the logos and information you need.

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