Polythene pallet covers

Pallet top covers provide an extra layer of protection to packaged goods within food production, manufacturing and processing environments. 

Base covers separate the used pallet from your goods to ensure no spillages or dirt from previous usage is transferred to your products. The top cover goes over the top and sides to keep your goods tightly compacted and further protected from rain and dust during storage or transportation.

Reduce costs & plastic use

Our pallet top and base covers are supplied on rolls, ready to enter high care environments and easy to use. They can be easily stretched over standard (1200x1000mm) or Euro (1200x800mm) pallets. 

Our unique polythene blend results in a reduction in cost and plastic use when compared with similar products on the market. 


  • Easy to use polythene pallet covers

  • BRC AA+ Grade

  • M&S Approved 29mu

  • Reduces your plastic use and costs

  • All our products are 100% recyclable

Potatoes in coloured dolav with liner

Want to find out more?

We can create our pallet covers, bespoke to your needs, in any colour required. Simply get in touch via the form below explaining what you need and we can put together a quote for you.


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