Polythene bin covers

A tight fitting cover for tote and euro bins is essential in order to reduce the risk of product contamination. 

Made from our unique polythene blend, our tote and euro bin covers can easily stretch over standard 200 and 300 litre stainless steel tote bins providing a hygienic, tight seal. 

Marks & Spencer approved

They have been developed in line with the G4 requirements specified by Marks & Spencer. Hanmere Polythene has been a leading supplier for M&S since the inception of G4, demonstrating our commitment to developing sustainable, food grade materials.

Our polythene bin covers are supplied on rolls, to provide ease of use within a high care environment. We can also manufacture this product to suit your needs, offering a variety of colour options.

plastic extrusion machine


  • BRC AA+ Grade

  • M&S Approved 29mu

  • Helping businesses reduce costs and plastic usage

  • Hygienic transportation and storage of food waste

  • 100% recyclable

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