High impact liners and bags

Hanmere Polythene have newly developed a unique blend formulation, offering the highest puncture resistance for all types of polythene bags and liners. 

The last thing any manufacturer or retailer wants is for goods to arrive damaged, affecting stock count and leading to profit loss. To avoid this, high resistance to puncture polyethylene films are essential.

The new Mech XS high impact liners and bags provide an extremely strong, damage proof layer to protect products in transit. This material will outperform all other types of high strength PE alternatives, making it the best option currently on the market place.

Made bespoke to your needs

All of our polythene products can be made bespoke to suit each and every application. Our heavy duty liners and bags are supplied on rolls or boxed, available in all colours and a standard range of thickness. 

Samples are also available for all of your bespoke requirements. 

pen going into polythene film to show puncture resistance


  • Outperforms all other PE alternatives

  • Puncture resistant polythene

  • Made bespoke to suit your requirements

  • Made from Hanmere’s unique, 100% recyclable, proprietary blend

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