Protective polythene bags and sacks

Polythene bags are an integral part of the process for many of our customers, whether they are in food manufacturing, laundry, or pharmaceutical sectors. Hanmere offers a wide range of polythene bags, manufactured in the UK and available in various sizes, materials and thicknesses to ensure that your product is protected in every environment. Our extensive experience working with the food industry benefits every sector through a dedication to high standards, innovative materials and compliance. We’re able to assess your processes and recommend a solution that is cost-efficient, environmentally aware and works for your business. With proprietary materials developed to address the issues of strength, weight and durability in plastics, Hanmere is able to deliver an end product that is tailored to your needs and specifications.

Food safe polythene bag manufacturers

At Hanmere, we are proud to be one of the top polybag manufacturers in the UK, gaining over 50 years of industry expertise and developing our own proprietary materials. Our polythene bags are manufactured in a BRCGS certified facility ensuring the reliability of the quality, consistency and regulatory compliance of the materials. Our products are also 100% recyclable, actively reducing our carbon footprint and helping businesses use plastic responsibly. 

food packaging plastic rice bag


  • Available in flat, gusseted, and dip-in-bottom formats

  • Additional perforations, embossing, rip-tops, handles and self-adhesive tape

  • A range of thicknesses and strengths

  • Manufactured to BRCGS certified standards, M&S approved, food contact approved materials

  • In-house printing for bespoke designs

  • Bags for produce, laundry, aggregates, ingredients and additives

  • Available in a range of colours and opacities

Specialist polythene bag
Specialist blue polythene bag

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