Expanded product offering – Wide range of solutions in cooperation with Amerplast

Hanmere products offering has expanded to cover new packaging applications suitable for multiple market sectors. In close cooperation with our sister company Amerplast, we are providing our customers with consumer packaging applications, especially for the Food, Hygiene, Beverage and Retail segments. Packaging solutions include a vast range of films & laminates, bags & pouches, carrier bags and wrap around labels. With over 25 years of experience in utilising recycled raw materials in its flexible packaging production, Amerplast is leading the way towards circular economy of flexible packaging.

The core range of our new packaging solutions are presented below. Please contact our experts for more detailed information. We are happy to provide you with technical details and discuss how we can further support your business.

tissue with polythene packaging

Hygiene and Tissue packaging

Amerplast is one of the leading European producers of hygiene packaging specialised in Consumer Tissue, Personal Care and Household product packaging.

  • High-quality printing: Up to 10 colour HD quality printing.

  • Extensive range of applications: Almost limitless possibilities for film-based packaging structures, sizes and designs

  • Solutions made utilising bio based and recycled raw materials (PIR/PCR)

  • Recyclable films and laminates

  • Special features: Precision laser perforation – Reclosable Systems – Promotional coding

All Amerplast hygiene and tissue packaging are manufactured with the highest hygiene standards in factories certified to the BRC Global Standard.

bread in food packaging plastic

Food Packaging and Labels

Amerplast is specialised in Food packaging with a strong understanding of food science and food packaging requirements. The company is one of the biggest bakery packaging manufacturers in Europe and supplies food packaging to multinational and global consumer brands.

  • Amerplast manufactures flexible packaging for: bakery, fresh produce, dairy, meat, convenience food, and dry and frozen food sectors, and labels for beverage industry

  • Packaging applications range from films and laminates to ready-made bags

  • A vast range of material options, including bio based films and recyclable laminates

  • Awarded HD printing quality up to 10 colours

  • Active packaging solutions for extended shelf life of fresh produce

  • Special features, such as laser perforation, reclosability, campaign codes and two-sides printing for labels

All Amerplast food packaging and labels are manufactured with the highest hygiene standards in factories certified to the BRC Global Standard.

polythene bag manufactured in UK

Retail packaging

The retail packaging portfolio consists of a wide range of carrier bag applications, and thermo bags and reclosable deep freeze and storage bags. Amerplast is a market leader in carrier bags in Finland, manufacturing circular economy carrier bags containing more than 95% recycled materials. Bio based polyethylene, such as sugarcane based Green PE, is also often used in applications where recycled materials are not an option.

  • Reclosable, reusable and fully recyclable AmerThermo® thermo bags made partly from recycled plastics

  • Amerplast’s circular economy carrier bags are studied to be an environmentally friendly option compared to other carrier bags available for consumers in the Finnish retail stores

  • Wide range of carrier bag applications: t-shirt bags, loop-handle bags, iisi bags, cut-out carrier bags and blocked bags

  • Reclosable, reusable and fully recyclable Amergrip® deep freeze and storage bags made of bio based plastics

Amerplast reuses waste material from its own manufacturing sites as well as recycled materials separately collected from Finnish households and industrial sources.

packaging system polythene manufacturers uk

AmerChain® packaging system and system bags

AmerChain combines the industry-leading performance of Amerplast’s system packaging with an advanced packaging machine – giving you the new generation of all-in-one solutions. This flexible and cost-efficient solution is ideal for packing everything from food to electronics, to pharmaceuticals, in medium or small runs.

  • System bags are available with a wide range of printing options and material choices, including PE, Green PE and PP films, laminated materials and metallised films

  • Variety of special features, such as easy-open solutions, perforations, zipper closures, and euro and other holes for hanging

  • The AmerChain machine enables you to add on features, such as support conveyors, ink-jet systems, and thermal transfer systems whenever needed. Total packaging concept, which includes automatic filling equipment, is also available. With a single easy-to-use solution, you can now fill your bags and seal them in a continuous chain process.

With low start-up and running costs, AmerChain offers a great alternative to manual packing or larger, more expensive packaging lines.

For more information, contact our experts.

About Amerplast

Amerplast, founded in 1952, is one of Europe’s largest flexo printers and bag converters and a leader in innovative packaging solutions, manufacturing high-performance flexible packaging for fast moving consumer goods for both food and non-food categories.

The company plays a key role in consumer goods categories such as retail bags, bakery, fresh and frozen food, consumer tissue and personal care, providing optimal logistics and packaging solutions that efficiently support customer business.

With manufacturing plants in Finland and Poland and sales offices in Germany, Sweden and Russia, Amerplast employs around 450 people and sells to customers in more than twenty five countries. Amerplast plants producing food and hygiene packaging are certified according to BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials and the company is an officially certified HD quality printing house.