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Commercial Food Manufacturing can involve a need for ingredients that are chemical, concentrated, or reactive with other ingredients. It’s imperative that these ingredients remain uncontaminated, and can be transported around the manufacturing location safely. The best way to do this is to use polythene sacks and bags that are purpose-made for food manufacturing ingredients.

Hanmere Polythene are polythene manufacturers with a wealth of experience within the food manufacturing industry. We offer a range of food safe bags, sacks, dolav liners with many barrier properties to keep ingredients free of contaminants, and contained properly. We’re accredited by BRCGS and fulfil the M&S & European regulations, so you can be certain that every product that we provide is of the highest quality.

In addition to standardised rolls and boxes of polythene products, Hanmere is also able to provide custom polythene products in bespoke thicknesses, sizes and colours. We’re able to do this due to the advanced equipment in our Letchworth manufacturing location, which allows us to offer an unrivalled level of customisation. This enables our customers to fit Hanmere polythene products into an efficient, effective plastic usage process.

Food ingredient in food safe plastic bag

Benefits of Hanmere Food Processing Polythene

  • Accredited for food processing by BRCGS and M&S

  • Compliant with European Food Packaging Regulations

  • Work with experienced food industry professionals

  • Environmentally conscious, fully recyclable range

  • Proprietary materials, such as Tri-Ex, made to protect ingredients

  • A focus on efficiency and performance

When you work with Hanmere Polythene, we offer more than just a polythene product. We believe in using plastics responsibly, to keep the solutions cost-effective and environmentally conscious. With these tenets in mind, everybody benefits.

Our team can evaluate the way your business currently uses plastics, in order to find opportunities for improvement. This could be anything from using a different polymer blend, using it differently, or eliminating excesses that create waste. With decades of experience and a deep knowledge of our clients, Hanmere Polythene can offer answers and a polythene solution to best support your business.

Polythene Products for Food Ingredients

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If you’d like to work with a polythene manufacturer that specialises in food ingredients plastics, speak to Hanmere Polythene.


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