Hanflex30r has been developed to incorporate a minimum of 30% recycled content within lightweight polythene film applications.

Hanmere has been at the forefront of blend technologies within the PE sector. Grades such as Tri-Ex and GS are recognised by the majority of industries that protect products with high performance flexible polythene films. We have been awarded the highest rating from the BRC Global Standard For Packaging Materials, demonstrating the quality and suitability of our product for food processing and other applications.

Closed loop recycling

With our in-house closed loop recycling facility, we can utilise these blends, recycle them back to pellet form and re-introduce them to a range of applications. Every product made by us is 100% recyclable and we are constantly striving to bring new, unique polythene packaging products to the market to help businesses use plastic responsibly.

Starting from 12 micron, our new Hanflex30r polythene film has been designed to offer consistent quality time after time. To achieve a micron level this low whilst not losing any of the quality or effectiveness of the product is why we are leading the way in the polythene industry. 

Lightweight polythene film

Due to its lightweight nature, this material is ideal for transporting products, without impacting space or weight. The need for less transport further reduces the impact on the environment, as opposed to alternatives such as paper or cardboard.

Polythene also creates a waterproof, tightly sealed layer protecting the product from external weather conditions or leakages. 


  • 100% recyclable polythene film

  • Available in industry recognised Tri-Ex and GS grades.

  • Thickness starting from 12 micron

  • Contributing to a circular economy

  • Bespoke specifications available

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