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M&S Poultry Processor Plastic Reduction

Vertical Seal Tray/Dolav Liners

  • Manufactured with a vertical seal rather than the traditional standard bottom seal.
  • Reduction in product entrapment as now the base of the tray/dolav liner is flat with no bottom seal when decanting.
  • Leakages can be an issue with some processors of raw meat.  As the vertical seals are now on the side of the liner, this will eliminate any blood/fluid loss at the base of the liner.
  • The custom fit fills all four corners of the tray/dolav and will use less polythene than the alternative side gusset versions.
  • A competitor was supplying this processor with M&S G4 at 35 micron.  Hanmere G4 accreditation at 30 microns reduces costs and further plastic waste.

Stage 1 – Tray Liner M&S G4 Performance Reduction

  • M&S Tray liners reduction from 35mu to 30mu.
  • Yearly Liner usage 20,000,000 pieces
  • Previous yearly weight at 35mu – 92 Tonnes
  • New yearly weight at 30mu – 78 Tonnes
  • Yearly plastic saving – 14 Tonnes
  • 14% weight saving

Stage 2 – Tray Liner Vertical Seal Saving

  • Yearly Tray Liner usage 20,000,000 pieces
  • New yearly weight at 30mu – 78 Tonnes
  • New design weight at 30mu – 72 Tonnes
  • Yearly plastic saving – 6 Tonnes
  • 8% weight saving

Dolav Liner Vertical Seal Saving

  • Yearly Dolav Liner usage 300,000 pieces
  • Previous yearly weight – 95 Tonnes
  • New design weight – 86 Tonnes
  • Yearly plastic saving – 9 Tonnes
  • 9% weight saving


coloured tray liner

Competitors bottom seal tray liner.

blue tray liner

Hanmere vertical seal tray liner.

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